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The Dallas Cash Advances Loan is Dallas Payday Loans’ featured loan. It’s our most popular service. The Dallas Cash Advances Loan works like a payday loan. Some other common names for a cash advance loan include: payday anticipation loans, cash before payday loans, and fast cash loans. They all have different names, but they all work the same. A Dallas Payday Loans cash advance is a loan in the amount of your next paycheck (not to exceed $1,000) given to you before you receive your paycheck. Once your payday comes (usually in about two weeks), you pay back the loan. This loan benefits the individual that has suffered an emergency and can’t wait until payday to get the money. We give you your cash now, and you pay us when you get that check.

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Dallas TX Cash Advances

Dallas Payday Loans strives to get cash into your hands in one business day or less. Our Dallas Lenders are always available to assist you, day and night. We have top-of-the-line computer systems that connect our clients with the best Dallas Lender for their specific needs. Our lender connection process ensures that our clients will get the best interest rates, the best terms, and the best Dallas Lender for each client. Banks and credit card companies perform credit checks that determine the interest rates and terms. Not Dallas Payday Loans. As long as you’re employed and have a source of income, we could care less what your credit score is. That’s why we’re number one in the Texas short-term lending industry.

Applying is easy. Fill in the blanks provided with basic information. After you submit your application, an approval notice will pop up on your computer screen (or smart phone) in 90 seconds or less. You’ll work out a personalized agreement with your perfect Dallas TX Lender that we've connected you with. After they have talked to you, they’ll wire cash instantly to your bank account which will be available the next business morning for you to spend as you like. When the loan is due back, or when you get a paycheck from your employer, your Dallas Lender will deduct the amount of the loan plus any interest directly from the same bank account where the loan money was deposited.

It’s easy. It’s fast. Apply for a Dallas Cash Advance Loan today.

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"Dallas Payday Loans helped me get approved for an $800 cash advance. I had no credit at the time. Now, because of Dallas Payday Loans, I have really good credit!" –Deborah, TX

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