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A Dallas Line of Credit Loan works like a credit card—but without the hassle or years of debt. A Dallas Line of Credit Loan is a pre-established amount of credit extended to an individual that he or she can draw against as needed. Currently, Dallas Payday Loans is able to extend a line of credit in amounts from $100-$1,000. A Dallas Line of Credit Loan is different than our other services. With a typical payday loan, a set amount of money is wired to a client’s bank account. With a Dallas Line of Credit Loan, you only take what you need. And the best part—you only pay interest on what you use.

Dallas TX Line of Credit

A Dallas Line of Credit Loan is convenient. Even if a client has reached their spending max, as long as they make timely payments, the amount of principle they pay down becomes available for them to use over and over again. This repeating cycle can be used until the Dallas Line of Credit Loan ends. Some of our Dallas Lenders are able to offer interest-only payments in addition to low rates.

For example:

Let's say Robert was issued a $1,000 Line of Credit Loan. Let’s say he spent all of it for emergency car repairs. If Robert made a $200 payment, his loan balance would shrink to $800. If Robert faced another emergency, he’d be able to re-borrow the $200 he already paid.

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Dallas Payday Loans can help you get a Line of Credit Loan now. Our Dallas Lenders are available to make loan agreements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Because our Dallas Area Lenders are private investors, they can set their own rules. Our Dallas Lenders don’t require credit checks. No credit, bad credit, good credit—it means nothing to them. As long as you can show that you’re employed and have a steady source of income, you can be approved now.

Applying has never been easier. All our clients have the choice to use our standard online application or our mobile application. After you provide basic information about yourself, such as your name and address, simply click “submit.” Based on what you provide, you’ll be approved in 90 seconds or less. Our Dallas Lenders are able to lend amounts up to $1,000. However, the maximum amount of money they’ll lend usually depends on your income.

If you select us for your short-term financial needs, you eliminate the difficult bank application process. Our clients never have to fax personal information. Our clients don’t have to drive anywhere. Our clients don’t have to make awkward phone calls. Our clients never have to tell us why they need the money. Dallas Payday Loans is a top-rated financial services company. Let us help you today. Apply now.

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"I used to have really bad credit. When I was 19, I defaulted on a student loan. No one would lend to me, despite the fact I paid the loan back. Dallas Payday Loans lent to me when no one else could. Now, I have a really good credit score, only because they gave me the chance to redeem myself." –Matthew, TX

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