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Introducing the Dallas Refund Anticipation Loan

Texas Refund Anticipation Loan

The Dallas Refund Anticipation Loan is is a loan in advance of your income tax refund. You simply apply, receive the loan, which is deposited directly into your bank account. Once you receive your income tax refund you simply deposit enough of it into the same bank account the loan was deposited into and the lender will automatically draft the loan repayment along with the agreed upon fee. You keep the rest of your refund to use as you see fit.

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Dallas Anticipation Loans help you by getting you your income tax refund much sooner then the IRS can deliver it. You could easily have up to $2500 of your tax refund deposited into your bank account today and be ready to spend it in the morning.

Applying for a Dallas Refund Anticipation Loan is super easy. Our network of direct refund anticipation loan lenders is safe and secure. Once you provide your basic information on the application, a Dallas Refund Anticipation Lender will call you to work out a loan that will meet your wants and needs. You and your lender will work out a personalized loan agreement together. Depending on your income, they are currently able to offer amounts up to $2500. Yes, we said income, as we do not file your taxes for you, we cannot be assured of how much you'll get back from the IRS. Furthermore, the IRS has a tendency to keep or delay peoples tax returns for any number of reasons. You must type in your signature, on the loan document, to finalize the loan. On the loan document you’ll clearly see the repayment terms and interest rate. Typically, a Dallas Income Tax Loan is due back within a couple weeks. After the Dallas Refund Anticipation Loans lender has talked to you and verified your bank account information provided, they’ll wire cash directly into your bank account. When the loan is due back, or when you get receive your tax refund from the IRS, your Income Tax Loan Lender will deduct the amount of the loan plus interest from the same bank account where the Dallas TX Installment Loan was deposited. We can't make it any simpler or easer, right?

It’s easy. It’s fast. Apply for a Dallas Refund Anticipation Loan today.

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"I desperately needed a $600 to pay my car payment before it was repossessed, leaving me without a ride to work. What good is my tax refund if it comes to late. Going to a bank, almost certainly means they would have laughed at me and again the money would come to late. Thankfully I found the Dallas TX Refund Anticipation Loan. Problem Solved!" –Joe, Fort Worth, TX

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